Encore Beach Club Las Vegas

Days Open: Fri, Sat, Sun

Hours: 10:30am – 6pm

Hotel: Encore/Wynn

Area: North Strip

Encore Beach Club Bottle Service Reservations

Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas offers a legendary scene for your bachelor or bachelorette party, or birthday celebration.  While offering the high energy and intensity of a traditional Las Vegas club, Encore Beach Club’s is unique in its dual indoor/outdoor layout and offers something different as well with its nightswim.  EBC bottle service reservations are essentially divided into these two areas.  The indoor part is only available during the “EBC at Night” party, whereas a more extensive outside and upstairs cabanas are opened during the day party.

Indoor Area and Dance Floor

The indoor area at Encore Beach Club is unique in that there are basically only dance floor tables.  Unlike most clubs with a tiered layout, any table you book inside the club will be a good spot.  We recommend grabbing one of the larger corner booths if possible and pre-paying to reserve.  The one located next to the DJ booth at the back wall is the premier spot (table #3 on map below).

Table minimums in the inside area start at three bottles ($600 each) on any given night, and can be more depending on the talent.  Contact us below for the best rates on Encore Beach Club at Night bottle service for the night you plan on attending.

Outdoor Patio and Poolside Tables

The majority of EBC Las Vegas’ bottle service real estate is located on the outside patio around the central pool.  The patio area offers cabanas, VIP couches, daybeds, and lilypads.  The spend minimums on any given night are usually cheaper in the outside area, aside from the cabanas which accommodate larger groups.

The main attraction at Encore Beach Club is the massive outdoor pool, and the party usually gravitates here earlier in the night before the main DJ comes on.  Later in the night, the action moves inside.  We recommend going with the outside patio if you’re looking to have your own party away from the party.  With easy access to the indoor dance floor, you can come and go as you please while having a private outside spot.

Cabanas at Encore Beach Club

Doing EBC bottle service with a cabana is the ultimate way to go, especially if you have a large group and can divide up the costs.  Not only do you have a personal wait staff and security guard, you have a fully stocked refrigerator of beverages and mixers.  Also included in your cabana is a private restroom for your party, and a personal flat screen TV streaming the action at the DJ booth.

There are two floors of outdoor cabanas, with the second level offering a great view of the entire party.  These cabanas are available for Encore Beach Club’s pool party during the day as well, and provide the complete package for a pool party home base.

Encore Beach Club Bottle Menu

Encore Beach Club Bottle Menu 2021
Encore Beach Club Bottle Service Menu 2021

Encore Beach Club Table Map

Surrender Table Map

Celebrating your bachelorette party at Encore Beach Club?

Encore Beach Club will usually offer special bachelorette deals on bottle service on select Fridays and Sundays during the day, and on Wednesday for “Encore Beach Club at Night.”  Get in touch with our Encore Beach Club VIP host below and let us know you’re celebrating a bachelorette to get the guaranteed best deal and exclusive hookups on bottle service at Encore Beach Club.

Surrender Bachelorette Party

Bottle Service Highlights

  • Bottle Service Pricing:

    • Bottles at Encore Beach Club start at $675. A bottle is required for every 4 people in your group.
  • Best Tables at Encore Beach Club:

    • Poolside VIP tables and daybeds offer a great location, depending on preferred experience. Cabanas are recommended for larger parties.
  • Best Days to Book:

    • We believe EBC is best experienced on Fridays and Sundays, right as people are getting into town and leaving.
  • VIP Host Contact:

    • We’ll have our VIP Host reach out to go over Encore Beach Club bottle service pricing and take care of you when you arrive.

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