Encore Beach Club Las Vegas

Days Open: Fri, Sat, Sun

Hours: 10:30am – 6pm

Hotel: Encore/Wynn

Area: North Strip

Top Features

  • Encore Beach Club has been rated the #1 pool party in Las Vegas for many years, and comes fully stocked with deluxe cabanas, poolside VIP tables, and floating blackjack tables on the water.  A legendary Vegas pool party during the day, the venue doubles as “Encore Beach Club at Night” when the sun goes down.
  • Fridays are typically the busiest day of the week at Encore Beach Club, serving as many tourists’ first stop when they get into town.
  • The Encore Beach Club Guest List is open every Friday and Sunday, as well as select Saturdays depending on the talent.  Inquire below to find out which days are free entry and free drinks.

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas: The Insider’s Guide

Encore Beach Club opened to Las Vegas in 2010 as the Encore’s luxury pool club.  During the summer, the space is also home to “Encore Beach Club at Night” – formerly known as Surrender Nightclub – one of Vegas’ hottest parties and the first ever nightswim.  Encore Beach Club features a large indoor dance floor and an expansive outdoor patio area.  It’s layout is original and iconic in this aspect, paving the way for newer clubs like Marquee with the same dual layout.

Navigating EBC Las Vegas

The indoor area at EBC features a large central dance floor surrounded by VIP booths and a long style bar against the wall, above which hangs a majestic gold serpent.  The DJ booth is located in the back of this space, and the performance is broadcast on screens around the club.  EBC’s inside almost feels like a club within itself, but fills a mere 5,000 square feet.

The majority of the club is actually outside, where the other 55,000 square feet lie.  The outside area is home to 26 fully stocked VIP cabanas, and a slew of poolside tables, daybeds, and lilypads (water bound lounging beds).  Little pagodas and slender walkways are laced across the pool patio, making for rendezvous spots and easy travel across the water.

Having the Best Experience at Encore Beach Club Las Vegas

To experience the Encore pool party in all its glory, we recommend checking it out during the day on Fridays or Sundays for the free drinks on the guest list, or catching their legendary weekly industry party at night.  Thursday at EBC at Night is when the best of the Vegas industry party with the tourists of the week, and get the chance to see one of the biggest DJs in the game perform live.

EBC at Night Thursdays also features an even ratio guest list and free drinks for girls.  Select Fridays and Saturdays feature the same guest list, but more often its a “girls only” guest list where guys will have to buy tickets or pay cover.

If coming on the weekend with a mixed group, your best bet may be to look into bottle service.  Encore Beach Club has over 80 VIP tables with different pricing options.  Head over to guest list or bottle service to see what works best for your group, or send us an inquiry below and let us help.

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas Dress Code

The Encore Beach Club dress code strictly enforces swimwear only and will turn away nightclub attire like jeans, dress shoes, evening dresses, etc.  Just make sure everyone dresses for the pool and are in bathing suits and you’ll be fine.

Girls have a pretty lenient dress code here.  Any standard swimwear, as well as t shirts and tanktops are fine.  Flats, heels, or flip flops are all acceptable.

Guys have it a bit more strict.  If planning on wearing shorts, they must be board shorts / bathing suit shorts.  Also, no hats, sweatshirts, jerseys, tennis shoes, or baggy clothing.

Vape pens and chewing gum will be confiscated at the rope so please leave these at the hotel!

What is the music like at Encore Beach Club?

Encore Beach Club is best described as an EDM / House venue, but can feature hip hop and top40, deep house, or trap and dubstep depending on the DJ performing that day.  Send us an inquiry with the date you’ll be visiting and we’ll get you set up for the day with your taste in music.

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas Resident DJs

EBC Las Vegas features some of the biggest names in EDM, house, trap, and dubstep.  Skrillex, Diplo, R.L. Grime, Dillon Francis, Yellow Claw, and Flosstradamus are all part of their 2018 and 2019 DJ lineup.  Lil John also frequently makes an appearance to hold down the hip hop side.

What is the crowd like at Encore Beach Club Las Vegas?

Although the club sits in the fold between the Encore and Wynn hotels and attracts much of the middle aged party clientele, the vibe at EBC definitely leans towards a younger vibe.  Featuring some of the biggest DJs on the scene, the Encore Beach Club attracts waves of 20-something, in-the-know tourists and hardcore EDM fans.

Encore Beach Club’s nightswim provides a wild and over-the-top Las Vegas club experience as well – come here if truly looking to go all out.

What do drinks cost at Encore Beach Club?

Located in the Encore Las Vegas hotel, drinks at EBC can be a bit pricey.  Mixed drinks start at ~$16, shots ~$10, and beers come in at~$8.

Pro tip: On Fridays and Sundays, girls get drink tickets for free vodka and champagne on our guest list.


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