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VIP Party Packages

Looking for some afterparty fun in Las Vegas?  We offer the best deals at all the top Las Vegas strip clubs.  Learn more by checking out our guide to Las Vegas strip clubs, or see all our packages below.

Doing the math, you’ll really only be paying the cost of a drink or two with all of our entry packages.  VIP limo pickup from your hotel, and VIP admission at the club, is all on us.

Choose between an entry and drink package, or a discount bottle service reservation – and leave the rest to us.

VIP Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do multiple strip clubs in one night?

Yes, absolutely!  We’ll provide connecting limos to and from each with no extra charge.  Want a personal strip club crawl?  We’ll make it happen.

For pricing, simply combine the above packages.  For example, if you wanted to do Sapphire, Rhino, and Treasures in one night, the price would be the sum of all three VIP entry packages above.  Let us know what you have in mind!

Do my events start at a specific time?

Most events are flexible but there are a few time limitations to take note of when planning:

Gentleman’s Club Entry Packages: All the top strip clubs in Las Vegas are open 24/7, so arrival via our limo service is very flexible from the early evening into the wee hours of the night.  Generally, we can accomodate any pickup made from 7pm to 4am.

Gentleman’s Club Bottle Service: If booking bottle service at a strip club, you may need to arrive early to secure the deal you’re scheduled for.  This depends on how busy the weekend and specific night of your reservation is.  Your host will let you know specifically what time you should plan on arriving.

Nightclub Hosted Entry: This is available from when the club opens at 10:30pm to when the list closes at 1am or slightly later.  At very busy events and on select weekends, entry will not be guaranteed after 11:30pm.

Nightclub VIP Guest List: This is available from 10:30pm to 1am at generally every club, and features reduced admission for guys, although there are some special events where the list may close earlier (we’ll give you a heads up).

Nightclub VIP Bottle Service: Since we have secured exclusive deals for our bottle service packages, please plan on arrival at the club between 10:30pm and 11:30pm latest to guarantee discount pricing.

Do I pay now or when I arrive?

For bottle service reservations, we do require payment in advance.  You can book and checkout directly from the package page using PayPal or any major credit card.

For any of our strip club VIP entry / limo packages, you are welcome to pay at the door when you arrive in our limo – cash or credit card accepted.