VIP Hosted Entry
Skip the Line

If you’ve been clubbing in Las Vegas before, you know lines can get out of control. At times, you’ll sacrifice 1-2 hours of your night standing in an admission line (way worse in heels).

We offer a premium service to our clients known as VIP Hosted Entry to ensure you get into the club fast, in style, and without skipping a beat.

Vegas During Coronavirus

A quick COVID-19 update …

Las Vegas has changed for the time being, but we are adapting.

All venues are currently table reservations only. Nightclubs are being reworked as “lounges,” and pool parties as simply “pools.”

We’ve gone ahead and assembled the best bottle service & small group activity options available right now. Each package includes a scenic limo tour and champagne toast, a top choice activity, and an easy all-inclusive per person price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIP Hosted Entry?

A Promoter Now VIP Host will meet you outside at the club of your choice and personally walk you in past the admission line.  Easily avoid the lines, the wait, and the hassles with the door.  Note: Availability and pricing will depend on the venue, the specific date, and any special performances.

What are the Advantages of Hosted Entry?

  • A Promoter Now Host will personally meet you and walk you into the club.
  • Bypass the General Admission and Guest List Lines (standard wait times can exceed 1-2 hours long).
  • Guided Tour of the Club (bar locations, bathrooms, dance floors, “safe zones”, good places to meet people)
  • No Cover Charge (Included in Price)
  • VIP Host knowledge (Ask us Anything about Las Vegas and the hottest places to party)


  • VIP Hosted Entry pricing varies depending on the Venue, Night of the Week (weekday vs weekend), Group Ratio (Girls:Guys), and Special Performances/Events.
  • Typically $30-$70+ per person, depending on the situation.
  • More for premium clubs, and on Holidays & Special Event weekends the price could be as high as $100+
  • Please contact our hosts for specific pricing by night and venue

Bottle Service
Reserve Your Own Table

Looking for a step up from Hosted Entry? If you really want to own your Las Vegas nightclub experience, you’ll want to look into booking Bottle Service.

All Bottle Service reservations come with a VIP Table for the entire night, personal waitress, busser, security guard, and unlimited mixers to go with your choice of bottles.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bottle Service work?

Making a bottle service reservation secures a private VIP table in the party for your entire group.  You’ll have not only a home base for your group inside the club, but a personal staff making your drinks and getting you anything you need over the course of the night.

Bottle Service provides the ultimate Las Vegas nightclub VIP experience, and is perfect for intimate celebrations like birthdays, bachelorettes, and bachelor parties.

What does Bottle Service Include?

  • Includes all the advantages of VIP Hosted Entry, with personal walk in by a Promoter Now VIP Host.
  • You’ll have a reserved VIP Table with seats and couches, a roped off area of your own, and VIP access for the night.
  • A table stocked with bottles of your choice (most prefer Vodka – ask about our specials).
  • Unlimited Mixers (Orange Juice, Cranberry, Pineapple, Soda Water, etc – *Red Bulls & Waters are extra*).
  • Personal Model Waitress and Busser to take care of your drinks and anything you might need.
  • Personal Security Guard to keep you safe, walk you to the bathroom, and make sure no one stumbles into your table.

What are the Advantages of Bottle Service?

  • Includes all the advantages of VIP Hosted Entry, including personal walk in by a Promoter Now VIP Host.
  • Our Hosts will come early to Prepay and get your bottles set up, securing the best possible area for your table minimum.
  • Your own area in the club is priceless – no one likes being pushed or shoved, or getting lost in the crowd for the night.
  • A place to SIT! Or stand if you choose.
  • A personal waitress and busser. She will be pouring your next drink often before you finish the first. No fighting to get to the bar to get drinks.
  • The ability to party as a group for the night, and commemorate a special occasion intimately.
  • Get noticed. Booking a table is the best way to notoriety inside the club, and among your group of friends, business associates, or clients.


  • Having a table makes you a king inside the club. You’ll have the prime real estate and space to party in a crowded club full of people. It doesn’t take much to convince some new friends…female friends…to join you for a drink (wink wink).


  • A place of your own inside the club! Leave that creepy guy following you around behind at the bar. Or have security take care of that for you.
  • Kick your heels off and sit down to relax. Or even dance on the booth – its all yours 🙂


  • Bottle service typically starts at a two bottle minimum at most clubs on an average night.
  • Bottle prices can vary between clubs from $550-775 for one standard bottle.
  • Your table minimum will depend on group size, specific venue, night of the week, and any special events/holiday weekends.
  • We’ll provide you an “All In” cost to simplify the process and include standard gratuity, taxes, and venue service fees out the door.
  • Our Featured Clubs offer the best deals on bottle service and the best reviews from our clients.
  • Contact one of our hosts for special pricing by venue and night of the week.

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