Hyde Bellagio Overview

Days Open: Tues, Fri, Sat

Hours: 10:30pm – 4am

Hotel: Bellagio

Area: Center Strip

Hyde Bellagio Tickets

Do I need tickets for Hyde Bellagio?

Many clubs in Vegas on certain nights will require you to purchase tickets.  At Hyde Bellagio, tickets aren’t necessary even on the busiest of nights.

As long as you’re even ratio (or close) you’ll be fine to get in free on the guest list.  Simply click the button above to head over to the guest list and sign up.

What if my group is not even ratio?

If you’re coming with a group of mostly or all guys, then you will have to purchase tickets basically wherever you go.  In this case, you should request Hyde Bellagio tickets via our form below and we’ll send you a link.

As a group of mostly guys, your other option is to buy a table.  If you have the budget, this is far and away your best option.  Head over to bottle service to see pricing.

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